Join Together to Build the Future - LianTronics 2019 Annual Gala


LianTronics 2019 Annual Gala

2018 is the 15th anniversary for LianTronics. Looking back, LianTronics has grown up from a tiny business with only ten people to a large enterprise with over 3000 employees. The extraordinary change is contributed by LianTronics President Tiger’s strong leadership and every LianTronics people’s hard work. President Tiger Liu has made a speech at the annual gala, “2018 is a fulfilling year for us, we persistently walk on our way, every step is still and confident,”and as for facing the challenge of the future, President Tiger Liu expressed with passion, “Once LianTronics team join hands together to strive for our future, we will definitely succeed!”

LianTronics President Tiger Liu

And LianTronics General Manager Liu Xiaowei has made a speech to express his gratitude to LianTronics family members. Without them, there would not be LianTronics tremendous success in 2018. Besides, he brought out new goals for the development in 2019, “Let us join together to build a prosperous future!”

LianTronics General Manager Liu Xiaowei

“I swear I am LianTronics people. Work diligently, responsibly and honestly. Pioneering and innovative. Unite and pull together.” LianTronics “101 team” consists of thirteen top managers took a solemn oath before all employees and promise to bring us to a brighter future!

LianTronics “101 team”

Then it comes to LianTronics amazing show! Singing, dancing, acting and poetry reading, LianTronics people showed their creation and versatility and brought joy and happiness all around.

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