LianTronics NPP LED Display Solution Brightened Alibaba New Procurement Summit


Alibaba New Procurement Summit was held on 8th August, 2018 at auditorium of Alibaba binjiang park. Hundreds of famous enterprises including China Railway, China Communication Construction, DOW Chemical, Schneider, 3M and Stanley have gathered to explore the new trend of procurement. LianTronics NPP LED display solution installed in this auditorium performed perfectly during the summit with outstanding display effect and stable operation. It has successfully made its first debut after delivery.

Designed for purposes of holding conventions, training, events and reception, this multi-functional auditorium in Alibaba headquarters can accomodate hundreds of people at the same time. And this time LianTronics P2.5 ultra-HD fine-pitch LED video wall with an area of around 60 sqm was installed in the center of the stage. This customized LED display supports for multi signal input to achieve split-screen view. LianTronics third-generation intelligent powder painting technology can strengthen anti-reflective ability of LED display under strong light. And with high resolution of 5568*1536, LianTronics LED screen will show prominent display effect. Meanwhile, it also acquires top-notch technology of brightness and chroma adjustment, and high gray level under low brightness. Therefore, it will not bring harm and fatigue to eyes even after long-time use. The high-end broadcasting system of LianTronics supports for high refresh rate output. Thus, the broadcasting pictures are stable with no scanning line, and the edge of image is sharp and clear when dealing with dynamic pictures, all of which can present the original picture information truly and accurately. Besides, super wide horizontal and vertical viewing angle can cover audiences from all directions, which is quite essential for auditorium application.

In order to successfully finish this task and achieve the best performance, LianTronics team persists with the attitude of earnest and preciseness from project design, product manufacturing to installation, and finally they completed this project in only 15 days.

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