Another Broadcasting Studio! LianTronics 106 sqm Fine-Pitch LED Displays Upgrade Broadcasting System in a UAE TV

2023-12-11 1958

The application of LED displays in broadcasting is becoming more and more extensive. Recently, LianTronics 106 sqm fine-pitch LED screens have boosted the brand-new upgrade of the broadcasting system in a UAE TV. With industry-leading technologies and rich experiences, LianTronics has offered many stunning display solutions to multiple worldwide broadcasting studios, such as Alaraby TV in Qatar, NBC Washington in the USA, Studio of TVE in Spain, a broadcasting studio in Switzerland, etc.

What makes this project special is its unique design with 7-sided LED displays. On top of that, these seven screens not only can be spliced seamlessly but also present breathtaking visuals from different viewing points. Looking from the door of the broadcasting studio, the whole studio has been surrounded by seven LED screens, like a long ribbon around the whole room. Apart from its distinctive shape, 7-sided LED  screens display all types of fascinating content variously as a background while anchors are broadcasting news from different countries.  

There is a creative movable LED screen in the middle of the studio, which can move freely to suit different broadcasting needs. This ultra-thin LED wall is divided into two parts, after cut, they can still be split or spliced together without seams to form a passable channel. Even if it is halved, its visuals remain excellent. Besides, the screen has two sides, which means both sides can showcase colorful pictures or videos. Therefore, it is very flexible to choose one side to present according to the news anchor’s position. 

This Solution deploys LianTronics’ fine-pitch LED screens, which feature all-around protection and high reliability while allowing a smooth display to reach stunning & grab-attention visuals. Meanwhile, the 106 sqm high-resolution LED screen adopts LianTronics’ advanced Six-Dimensional Minitrim Technology to ensure ultra-high flatness for ultimate viewing comfort. Except for high-flatness display, LianTronics pioneered Smart Inkjet Craftsmanship effectively solves mask protrusion, bulges, dark spots from side views and constrained viewing angles. LianTronics owns core technologies for fine-pitch products to maximize display effects and save more costs.

It is a wise choice to choose LianTronics’ solutions for your broadcasting studios. LianTronics has professional products and mature solutions but also provides localization services. LianTronics has established local offices, warehouses, and showrooms in the Netherlands, USA, Japan, etc. Therefore, LianTronics is always one call away for your needs!

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