Create a Visual Feast: LianTronics Brings Latest Display Technology to Inter BEE 2023

2023-11-15 715

Inter BEE 2023 is not only the biggest professional exhibition for audio, video, and communications in Japan but also an international exhibition that brings the latest innovations relating to the content business worldwide. Now let us have a tour of LianTronics’ booth 2207 and experience the latest display technologies together!

Crystal-clear Telecast Studio Display Solution

LianTronics has rich experience in offering professional display solutions for broadcasting studios, such as Alaraby TV, NBC Washington, TVE Spain, etc. This solution deploys LianTronics’ COB LED displays--VT Series, which employs LianTronics’ Vmicro Display Technology with full flip chip on board (FCOB) packaging to realize a 170+° wide viewing angle and a more delicate presentation for strict TV shooting needs. While shooting, VT Series allows precise images with over 10000:1 high contrast ratio and avoids moiré in cameras. LianTronics is also committed to providing an excellent user experience. VT Series could satisfy this with excellent heat dissipation, a lower surface temperature, and more stable operation.

High-level Data Visualization Display Solution

Another eye-catching solution is LianTroncs’ data visualization display solution, widely applied in public security, militaries, smart cities, data centers, etc. LianTronics adopts VAⅡ Series in this solution. VAⅡ Series is a fine-pitch LED display with high stability, high clarity, and high protection. The panel supports a 16:9 golden ratio and an 8:9 larger size for faster assembly. Two-sized panels allow up-and-down mixed splicing to achieve mainstream HD/4K/8K-resolution fine-pitch LED walls with pixel-to-pixel broadcasting. Moreover, LianTronics Nano-Coating Craftsmanship provides all-around dust-proof & moisture-proof protection to maintain superb displays.

High-brightness Outdoor Billboard Solution

Outdoor LED displays nearly appear all over the world. The outdoor LED screen at the booth is LianTronics’ latest outdoor small-pitch LED display, MPA Mini Series. MPA Mini Series can be applied near bus stops on streets or low building facades, as fine-pitch LED screens can provide a better close viewing effect. The product presents a consistently stunning display with a 3840Hz high refresh rate, a super-high contrast ratio, and high brightness. Regarding the outdoor application environment, MPA Mini’s patented DHR mask and die-casting aluminum cabinets support stable display performance. Its unique IP69K protection allows the flushing of high-pressure and high-temperature water to suit all cruel conditions. What’s more, it supports dual backup for the power supply and receiving cards to solve the blackout problem.

Stunning Rental & Staging Solution

The last one is LianTronics’ rental & staging display solution, which will appear at product launches, stages, events, exhibitions, etc. LianTrionics rental LED displays support 1-second fast installation with fast locks and both front and rear maintenance with ease. The product also allows creative splicing to fit different stage needs, such as curved splicing. Besides, it has versatile installations, including hanging and stacking. This rental LED display adopts special L-shaped splicing hanging above our booth as a door shape. In the near future, LianTronics will launch a new rental LED Display, Shine Pro Series.

LianTronics has set up its office, showroom, and warehouse in Japan to provide local inventory. Welcome to our booth 2207 and contact us at any time!

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