LianTronics & 3Dot Technologies Achieve Distribution Agreement

2021-12-17 1743

Recently, LianTronics has signed an distribution agreement with 3Dot Technologies to expand market share together of commercial direct-view LED displays in North America. The distribution product lineup includes 

LianTronics METAGO all-in-one FHD solution bundles

LianTronics Indoor fine-pitch LED displays 

LianTronics Indoor and Outdoor Digital Signage

LianTronics Rental Product Categories

3Dot Technologies is a specialty distributor and technology focused expert in the video wall business providing end-to-end display wall solutions utilizing a variety of display technologies, image processing, content distribution technologies.

“3Dot Technologies is excited to partner with LianTronics, a global leader of Direct View LED Displays. With their vast LED display lineup, LianTronics is exactly the type of partner 3Dot Technologies looks to align with”, says Dave Muscat, Partner, 3Dot Technologies. “With a reputation for great quality and service, LianTronics continues to strengthen their global presence as a market leader and manufacturer of high-quality LED Displays.”

“Recognized as a world leading manufacturer of Direct View LED displays, LianTronics’ product lineup is a perfect fit for us and the North American market”, stated John Hallman, Partner, 3Dot Technologies.

“We are thrilled to support LianTronics’ wide range of market leading LED displays, to help our customers gain a competitive advantage. Metago, Liantronics’ new HD Bundled solutions, with Android or Microsoft Operating Systems will be in inventory at 3Dot Technologies in North America mid-November, so get your orders in today”. John Hallman added.

LianTronics entered the North American market in the early stage of its development and has evolved beyond mere LED display solutions suppliers into a full-fledged business partner who owns localized service and warehouse.

“Strengthening LianTronics’ distribution networks in North America has been an important step in our evolution”, says Willie Liu, CEO of Liantronics. “We believe working with 3Dot Technologies will position us for the growth we are looking for in North America. With our demo and service facility in Las Vegas, NV and with 3Dot Technologies as one important part of our distribution networks, we believe we have the right formula for success in this marketplace”.

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