LianTronics Supplies LED Volume for xR Studio of A Riyadh Film Center

2022-12-16 2030

A film center in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia built up a virtual production studio with an 80-square-meter LED volume assembled by LianTronics Pilot Series LED displays to produce local-made films.  


Since Saudi Arabia officially announced the reopening of cinemas in 2018, local movie theaters mainly show international movies from the likes of the US and Egypt to attract audiences.


Film is a central priority of Saudi Arabia s Vision 2030 initiative the government hopes to increase to 50-80 local films annually by 2030, to diversify its economy and loosen up conservative cultural rules. For this, xR virtual studio plays a key role in film production.


Combined with leading xR technology, this customized LED virtual production studio for the film center enables to shoot movies and commercials of various kinds. The whole studio constitutes an 80sqm curved LED screen with a high refresh rate, high frame rate, extreme-high grayscale, and HDR display to achieve realistic and real-time virtually made images.


The studio uses LianTronics P2.6 Pilot Series LED display which can be suitable for xR applications to ensure stunning and realistic display effects. 7680Hz super-high refresh rate eliminates scanning lines and flickering effect; Meanwhile, 144Hz frame rate can meet the stringent requirements of high-frame-rate shooting scenes while also granting smooth and sharp broadcasting. 22bit grayscale enhancement technology can create precise, detail-rich tones, clarity, and sophistication even with low ambient lighting. Besides, HDR-enabled display delivers richer hues and higher grayscale, as well as more details in both shadows and highlights of the images.


xR studios and stages, which are connected by hundreds of LED panels and powered by video-game engines, give film sets the ability to combine principal photography and post-production into a huge, participatory partnership. It is a leap for the development of film industry and a great booster for the film production of the nation.

So far, LianTronics LED products have been applied in many virtual production studios located in the USA, Japan, Australia, Indonesia, etc. Last year, LianTronics also partnered AIE, the world-class educator in games, animation & film VFX, to set up the Hollywood-level shooting studio to commence the worlds first course specializing in film and virtual production.


LianTronics now is expanding its service scope and is dedicated to offering professional virtual studio LED display solutions for global customers with multiple localization service networks such as the Netherlands, the United States, Japan, Hong Kong, etc. Now xR application is emerging and LianTronics is also keeping its paces for the market demands.


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