The Wow! Explore the Jaw-Dropping LianTronics Innovative “W”-3D Display Solution

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Advertising and promotion are getting more and more attractive as consumers like to be stimulated and impressed in more ways than expected. Naked-eye 3D LED creativity is a good attempt as it presents the content somehow punchily but lowers the viewing difficulty by getting rid of 3D glasses. LianTronics has years of experience in naked-eye 3D LED projects, both indoors and outdoors, and has been exploring more and more possibilities that it releases its up-to-date “W”-3D display solution.

Outdoor Naked-Eye 3D Project: Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li Chengdu

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Indoor Naked-Eye 3D Project:Beijing Joy City

What is Naked-Eye 3D?

Naked-eye 3D, also called glasses-free 3D, or glasses-less 3D, refers to the three-dimensional illusion of visual effects to be perceived by human eyes yet without auxiliary devices like 3D glasses. The naked-eye 3D LED creative display allows viewers to clearly see the vivid stereoscopic visual spectacle presented on the specific LED video walls from optimal viewing angles.

The application of naked-free 3D has revolutionized the DOOH industry as it expands the way that advertisers communicate with customers and even causes a sensation from offline to online.

LianTronics innovative "W" naked-eye 3D solution debuted at Inter BEE 2022, which made a statement in the show and received massive spotlights from viewers and media coverage.

LianTronics innovative "W" -3D Solution at Inter BEE 2022

What is "W"-3D Solution?

The "W"-3D solution is LianTronics’ latest cutting-edge glasses-free 3D solution, which is in unique wave curved shape to deliver wow-effect & well-engaged contents for viewers. It can be well suited for enterprise showrooms, art exhibitions, product launches, education, and other applications.

Enterprise Showrooms

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Unique Bronze Ware LED Display,Innovative “W”-3D Solution,3d led display,3D LED wall,3D LED screen,LED Display ManufacturerMuseum Cultural Relics Display

"W" ave curved

LianTronics pioneered “W”-shaped naked-eye 3D LED display, which composes a 7-sided display space made up of 4 flat LED video walls and 3 curved LED video walls, produces 4 axial showing points and 4 cross-screen virtual spaces (shown by arrows) to enhance enormously the depth of filed and spatial sense on the screen and create a perfect carrier for 3D delivery.

THE W-3D display solution demonstration ,Innovative “W”-3D Solution,3d led display,3D LED wall,3D LED screen,LED Display Manufacturer

By adopting LianTronics patented seamless curved surface display technology, the finished LED wall, without seams and bright/dark lines, enables to achieve more smooth color transition and stronger stereoscopic sense to deliver wonderous and stunning 3D effect.

"W"ow effect
As the perfect combination of technological algorithms and aesthetics, the "W" naked-eye 3D display solution integrates various technical means, such as visual immersion, optimal field of view, and optimal visual spatial proportion to achieve the ideal fusion of visualized content design and screen hardware design, creating a breathtaking "w"ow visual effect.

Adopting the most up-to-date technologies like 8K display technology, wide viewing angle technology, ultra-high contrast inkjet crafts, the "W" naked-eye 3D display solution brings the content to a realistic visual effect, which can intuitively and aesthetically display most of the difficult-to-represent data and knowledge, for example, protein structure and DNA in scientific research, cloud images in weather forecasts, etc.

LianTronics not only provides 3D LED wall customization but also 3D content customization service according to the customer's brand cultural characteristics or application scenarios to create unique visual works of art and provide audiences with fresh and distinctive visual experiences.

"W"ell engaged

LianTronics has a professional team of producers who specialize in 3D animation, architectural animation, virtual reality, and film production. They have customized content for venues like the Bahrain International Exhibition & Convention Centre, Nanning Greenland Central Plaza, Chengdu M Space Shopping Mall, etc, giving audiences a truly immersive experience and calling them to film and share to the Internet.

Bahrain International Exhibition & Convention Centre,3d led display,3D LED wall,3D LED screen,LED Display Manufacturer

Bahrain International Exhibition & Convention Centre

3d led display,3D LED wall,3D LED wall,Nanning Greenland Central Plaza

Nanning Greenland Central Plaza 

Chengdu M Space Shopping Mall,3d led display,3D LED wall,3D LED wall

Chengdu M Space Shopping Mall

Beyond naked-eye 3D visual presentation, the “W”-3D display can be engaged with viewers deeper. Cutting-edge technologies, like the Internet of Things (IoT), VR and AR, can be combined with naked-eye 3D displays, which utilize the somatosensory interaction technology to mobilize a variety of in-person expression techniques and produce comprehensive and rich sensory stimulation. Meanwhile, it combines images, texts, three-dimensional objects, dynamic sound effects, environments and other elements to produce an immersive experience where viewers interact with the screen directly.

So far LianTronics has conducted naked-eye 3D projects, indoors & outdoors, in 20+ cities with a total area of 20000+ sqm. Persevering in R&D and experience enhancement, LianTronics is happy to explore more visual possibilities with customers worldwide.

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