LianTronics & Esdlumen 2022 Iconic Cases Review

2023-01-10 2340

LianTronics & Esdlumen have offered many exquisite LED displays and solutions for global customers in 2022. The product applications span the gamut from digital signage, naked-eye 3D innovation, rental, commercial, broadcasting studio, virtual production, to transportation, etc. Besides, LianTronics & Esdlumen have gradually strengthened the layout of the global service network with the plan of establishing more new subsidiaries worldwide soon. At present, LianTronics has established local subsidiaries with local offices, showrooms, and warehouses in the USA, Japan, Netherlands, Hong Kong, and other regions to provide considerate services. It is high time to look back at what progress LianTronics & Esdlumen have made in the past whole year.



726sqm LED Display at Middle Easts Largest Exhibition Centre -- Exhibition World Bahrain

Three sets of LianTronics outdoor high-brightness LED displays with a total area of 726sqm have been installed in Exhibition World Bahrain, Middle East’s largest exhibition center. The three large LED screens are settled onto the facade of Halls 1 to 3 of Exhibition World Bahrain, delivering the latest show information of the center. Among them, two LED screens are designed into L-shapes to facilitate easier-to-be-caught visuals such as naked-eye 3D content.


300+sqm Impressive Digital Billboards in Malaysia

Over a dozen of LianTronics outdoor LED billboards appeared in plenty of Malaysian main streets, whose areas are over 300sqm in total. Combined with fantastic locations, eye-catching LED signage can quickly attract people’s attention. These screens adopt LianTronics FS Series outdoor LED display, which uses patented masks for multifaceted reinforcement to improve the contrast ratio and ensure stunning outdoor display.


Naked-eye 3D Innovation

808sqm Naked-eye 3D Screen for Green Land Central Plaza, Guangxi

A gigantic 808 sqm LED wall with a stunning glasses-free 3D display effect lights up in Green Land Central Plaza, Guangxi Province. This L-shaped screen uses LianTronics special patented technology to fit the building completely, achieving a seamless naked-eye 3D effect and integrating architectural aesthetics with the business district. Besides, to celebrate the LED walls first light-up, a grand offline lighting ceremony was held and the news topped the Douyin (the Chinese TIKTOK) trending list.


1000sqm Creative Glasses-free 3D LED Wall for Wanda Plaza, Chongqing

After the naked-eye 3D creativity shown in Taikoo Li, Chengdu, LianTronics 1000sqm screen was lit up in Wanda Plaza, Chongqing. The resolution reaches 5376×2208; Meanwhile, LianTronics patented technology fully adapts to the corner of the building facade, outstandingly achieving a smooth and seamless installation; Professional patented mask and outdoor high-brightness technology also render diversified details no matter in the day or night to achieve a fascinating, immersive visual effect.  


Broadcasting Studio

430sqm Ultra-thin Fine-Pitch LED Walls for Alaraby TV, Qatar

Over 430sqm LianTronics fine-pitch LED walls have been applied to Qatar’s Alaraby TV, which is the biggest television LED display project so far in Qatar. A giant curved LED video wall embeds behind a semi-annulus-shaped studio, with 23 sets of smaller rectangular LED screens scattered on both sides extending to the control area. On the same floor, there is another set of LED walls for studio of interview programs, which also blends perfectly into the wall, particularly embedding a right-angle convex and concave on the left side. Foreground stands another LED screen with an inner curved shape, interplaying with the lighting from the top and ground to modernize the studio. It is worth mentioning that these LED screens were used to broadcast the Qatar World Cup event.


Virtual Production Studio

Amazing xR Studio for A Riyadh Film Center, Saudi Arabia

Combined with LianTronics leading xR display technology, the customized LED virtual production studio for the film center in Saudi Arabia enables to shoot movies and commercials of various kinds. The whole studio constitutes an 80sqm curved LED screen with a high refresh rate, high frame rate, extreme-high grayscale, and HDR display to achieve realistic and real-time virtually made images.


Rental & Staging

1000sqm LED Video Walls at 44th FIDE Chess Olympiad Inauguration

1000sqm Esdlumen stage LED walls had been installed at the 44th FIDE Chess Olympiad Inauguration. From the center of the stage to the surrounding auditorium, these screens conspired to provide unparalleled and breathtaking visual effects under the gaze of chess players and spectators from 186 countries. These LED walls were assembled by Esdlumen Wing Plus Series rental LED display, featuring fast installation and maintenance, mixed staggered splicing, high-end intelligent modules, etc.


House of Worship

145sqm Splendid LED Screen for A Church, Indonesia

The use of LED technology in churches can deliver inspiring visual messages to people. The vivid sets offer a full-fledged atmosphere in immersion that perfectly fits the Indonesian church’s need for showcasing and full-body pilgrimage experience. The church uses a LianTronics P2.6 Pilot Series LED display which can be suitable for a house of worship to ensure stunning display effects.


Control Room

Intelligent Visualization Platform for Public Security Bureau, Hubei

LianTronics VAⅡ1.2 ultra-high-definition LED display has been installed in Public Security Bureau, Hubei Province. With a total area of about 70 square meters (resolution 14880x2970), it is used in the command center on the 4th floor to help speed up the efficiency of emergency command and build a modern public security command center.


Corporate Showroom

Ultra-high-flatness LED Video Walls for Dar Al Arkan New Office

Dar Al Arkan, one of the largest property development companies in the Middle East, opens a new office in Beijing, China in early 2022. LianTronics settled 4 sets of fine-pitch video walls into the lobby, meeting room, and reception room respectively to accentuate its brand image. Utilizing the layout of the new office, the LED panels were assembled into high-flatness LED video walls to perfectly blend with the entire space of its extreme-thin and light structural design. A high refresh rate and low blue light smoothen the broadcasting without flickering, offering the utmost viewing comfort for viewers.


Commercial Applications

Novel Glasses-less 3D LED Pillar for Beijing Joy City

LianTronics implemented an indoor naked-eye 3D solution to bring a better in-mall shopping experience to customers while achieving commercial attraction for Beijing Joy City. Located on the first floor of the mall to the ceiling, the screen is cuboid-shaped with a total area of 68 square meters, allowing customers to enjoy a novel and shocking visual experience as soon as they step into the mall.


Stunning Advertising LED Display Windows for Estée Lauder

Over 100sqm LianTronics LED display surprisingly appears at Estée Lauders new offline store. This is a classic case of LED visual attraction of a retail store, drawing the attention of customers on every step from outside the store to inside. Unique curved shop-window LED wall and column LED screen design not only can broadcast the products’ advertisement directly but also highlight the brand story and melody. The LED screens above the cosmetics counter and wall-mounted next to the gate have been keeping playback new product advertisements and always perform well.



Multifunctional LED Video Wall for Patriotic Education Centre, Hong Kong

Patriotic Education Centre, which opened its doors in Hong Kong five months ago, uses LED digital technology to provide dynamic immersive viewing comfort. A LianTronics fine-pitch LED wall with a high refresh rate, high contrast rate, and 160° wide viewing angle was used to provide exceptional visuals for an engaging digital learning experience.



Superb LED Display Solutions for A Hotel in USA

Not long ago, a wave-inspired irregular LED display was installed in an American hotel lobby to deliver gorgeous visuals and create a relaxing environment. A second video wall was wall-mounted later around the elevator to deliver sponsor information. It is worth noting that the video walls adapt LianTronics BIM Plus Series ultra-thin & light indoor LED wall, which enables a high refresh rate, 8000:1 contrast ratio, and 16bit grayscale to show beautiful images.


300+sqm High-clarity LED Screen Shining at A Nightclub

Over 330sqm of LianTronics indoor LED walls, consisting of a set of huge transparent LED screen and a set of curved ceiling-to-wall LED display, were installed in a nightclub. The transparent LED wall features up to 70% transparency with a 3840Hz high refresh rate, combining 4 waved ribbon LED boards extending to the left and right sides to expand the attraction of the central stage. The ceiling-to-wall LED display takes advantage of the unique location to provide impressive eye-catching broadcasting. With rhythmed music and dazzling, exquisite designs, these video walls create a fancy and distinctive atmosphere that improve the customers’ entertainment experience greatly.



Superior 33-meter LED Passageway at Beijing Metro

A fine-pitch LED video wall made a stunning debut at Beijing Metro Line 1 & 4 to broadcast indoor commercials. The PH2.0mm LED display with 33 square meters long is very suitable for close viewing, especially when pedestrians pass by the subway billboard, they can clearly see those advertisements. Furthermore, compared with conventional screens, the LianTronics LED display runs at a lower temperature under the same brightness to realize stable operation.


700sqm+ LED Walls Again Shining at Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport

Four sets of 4K corner column screens and two sets of 4K wall-mounted screens are installed in the T2 Terminal of Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport, a significant airline hub in China. With a 160° viewing angle and a high refresh rate, these screens can be used to deliver flight information or display various types of advertisements. This is not the first time LianTronics has cooperated with Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport, plus the previous two cooperations, the total screen area reaches 700+ square meters

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