10000㎡! LianTronics Glasses-free 3D Display Projects Hit a New High

2021-12-29 3868

In October 2020, a “3D” Star Trek-like spaceship broke out from a giant curved LED wall in Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li Chengdu shopping district and has blown up on social media at once. This LianTronics-made video wall with unbelievable glasses-less 3D display effect has made a huge Internet sensation not only in China but also around the world. From the Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li Chengdu project, LianTronics has conducted another 20+ glasses-free 3D projects at home and aboard ever since with a total area of more than 10000sqm, hitting a new high in the industry.

LianTronics glasses-free 3D LED wall in Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li Chengdu

LianTronics glasses-less 3D LED wall had ranked Top 5 trending topics in Sina Weibo --- China’s Twitter

New Revolution of OOH

Customers’ attention is fleeting. Excellent digital signage especially LED walls stand out from traditional OOH carries thanks to their sharper presentation, ultra-wide views, unlimited seamless splicing and more added values. In the post-pandemic era, digital signage is being asked for higher requirements to stimulate the audience and captivate their attention, after all higher traffic driven from the signage board means higher commercial value for the advertising industry.

The transformative LianTronics video wall in Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li Chengdu has made a successful attempt. This LED screen has gone through two installations to perfect the curvature of the corner and to help generate stronger stereoscopic sense, which had proven as the right decision for now. Combined with an immersive 3D content viewed at specific optimal viewing angles, the stunning effect no doubt calls for a pause of footsteps from passers by, and moreover in some way, arises viewers’ spontaneous dissemination to the Internet by uploading photos or video clips, along which the broadcasting content has been expanding its transmission chain imperceptibly to cover more people yet without extra cost.

Relying on the “3D” presentation, somatosensory interaction can be applied to add more spice to the content dissemination. For example, an interactive archery game was held in the street to promote the upcoming Chengdu 2021 World University Games that the visitors being invited can draw a physical bow and shot virtual arrows to the target on LianTronics-made LED wall. Combined with interactive experience, the stereoscopic space built by glasses-less 3D technology has spilled over the screen to boost an brand-new way of promotion and further impress viewers by engagement.

LianTronics -- Glasses-free 3D LED Display Solution Expert

LianTronics provides a one-stop professional glasses-free 3D display solution including LED walls and 3D broadcasting content customization. With years of LED display experience, LianTronics has patented seamless curved surface display technology, which contributes to perfect carriers for 3D delivery without glasses, and meanwhile built up a professional team for 3D video customization.

  • Professional 3D design

LianTronics has cracked the code of best proportion formula for the glasses-free 3D screen to present the optimal visual illusion of 3D effect.

  • Professional LED display

Patented seamless curved LED corner, ultra-high contrast light-absorbing mask, fully waterproof cabinet, all is to facilitate stunning 3D rendering.

  • Professional encrypted broadcasting

Secrecy system with multi-encryption of content storage & transmission and multi-audit of broadcasting permission eliminates the risk of content mistransmission.

  • Professional visual effect 

Color accuracy ΔE<2, DCDi™ dynamic technology cooperated with Faroudja, ultra-high refresh rate and grayscale, and more contribute to realistic display effect.

FS Series

  • Ultra-wide views for higher coverage of the audience 
  • High refresh rate, high grayscale, and patented anti-reflection masks to present realistic effects with sharper colors 
  • IP65 high protection stabilizes vivid outdoor broadcasting in a long time 
  • Patented seamless curved display allows natural color transition and smooth broadcasting

20+ Projects with 10000㎡ Home & Abroad

Being withstood numerous camera shooting from passers-by and professional photographers, LianTronics video walls have been proven their high quality as always. Adding more values including exclusive professional service from pre-sales to after-sales, customization of LED walls and broadcasting content, A-Z manufacturing capability, etc., LianTronics has become a preferable choice for global customers. To date, more than 20 sets of LianTronics glasses-free 3D LED walls have been settled in 13+ cities, summing up a total area of over 10000sqm (xxx square feet) and has generated tremendous commercial value beyond expectations.

Part of LianTronics Glasses-free 3D Creativity Cases

Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li Chengdu

Chongqing MICC Building

Central Arcade, Shanghai

Taikoo Li Qiantan, Shanghai

Grandview Mall, Guangzhou

Eternal City, Guiyang 

Yuncheng Technological Innovation City

Xi'an Joy City

Xi’an Constellation Plaza, Shannxi

Han Shi Hui Shopping Mall, Guangzhou

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