LianTronics Glasses-free 3D “Star Trek” LED Screen in Chengdu Has Been Trending in China's Twitter

2020-10-16 65315

LianTronics giant curved LED wall with stunning glasses-less 3D spaceship display effect has attracted millions of eyeballs on the street of Chengdu and blown up on social media including Top 5 trending topics in Sina Weibo --- China’s Twitter during the Chinese National Day holiday.

A 3D Star Trek-like spaceship breaks out from the LED wall and turns its head around. The 3D special-effect video wall was so amazing that the passers-by couldn’t help pulling out their cell phones and recording the amazing moments.

The L-shaped curved LianTronics LED wall locates in Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li Chengdu, the well-known social-media-worthy shopping complex in China which had been famous for street snap at home and abroad once. Wrapping the facade of Yingjia Building, the gigantic LED wall is facing a crossroad of Chunxi Road, of which the opposite side provides a perfect viewing angle to enjoy the show without 3D glasses.

Completed right ahead an 8-day long holiday in celebration of China’s National Day, the LianTronics 3D spaceship LED wall greeted thousands of visitors from nationwide especially under the gradual recovery of China’s tourism, which has created a golden opportunity for the wall to be exposed in public.

This gigantic LED wall with a total area of 912.92sqm was assembled by LianTronics P8 LED displays with patented zigzag-pattern masks, which can effectively diffuse sunlight reflection to present richer colors. The fully waterproof modules are anti-UV to avoid deformation and stabilize vivid outdoor broadcasting in a long time. At the same time, the high contrast ratio, refresh rate and ultra-uniform color demonstration and more contribute to fresh and natural images presented in the best way.

“In fact, we have assembled the wall twice to achieve the extraordinary display effect,” said Tao Wang, the project manager of LianTronics. “We disassembled the screen, re-schemed the wall structure, reproduced the displays, and installed the LED wall once again in order to narrow down the curvature of the corner, which helps to generate more stereoscopic sense of the finished wall. The redesigned customized modules for the curved corner can be spliced without seams to realize the smooth broadcasting transition.”

The fabulous 3D visual effect in cube shape also aroused comments regarding Samsung’s Wave LED wall, a well-known case in May this year. “We are also surprised that this artwork looks similar to Samsung's Wave, but you know for a giant LED wall project, it takes at least half year from tendering to construction. To some degree, the similarity of these two cases is indicating that we have achieved the world-leading level to provide amazing visualization solutions,” said Wang.

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