What's Next Has Come! LianTronics Brand-new Vmini 0.9 Debuts at InfoComm China 2020

2020-09-28 2718

The global pandemic may stop people’s footsteps physically but may not stop the footstep of LianTronics’ product development going forward. InfoComm China 2020 finally unveiled on 28th September in China National Convention Center in Beijing. This time, LianTronics has brought its brand-new product Vmini 0.9 that applies flip chip on board package technology and the latest visualization applications that adopt cutting-edge display technologies to deliver a stunning visual feast to all visitors.

Innovative Vmini: Whats Next Has Come

The exhibited LianTronics Vmini 0.9 is completely gel-covered on the surface to achieve super high anti-collision capability and IP65 high protection from the front to resist water splashing, dust, etc. The adopted common cathode driven scheme is ultra-friendly for high energy efficiency to further reduce generated heat and cost less power consumption. What’s more, LianTronics Vmini 0.9 is especially applied flip chip on board package technology to achieve great luminance efficiency and super-high color consistency, which enables more enticing broadcasting and more compact chip array for finer pixel pitch of PH0.Xmm to go further towards the future of LED displays --- Micro LED.


Mixed Reality Combination: Real-time Special-effect Studio

Three-dimensional seamless LED screens combine to form an on-site broadcasting studio on LianTronics Booth #ED4-01. This broadcasting studio particularly employs advanced Mixed Reality (MR) Technology to produce a merging world of real and virtual special effects in real time. The unlimited splicing extension without seams, 110% NTSC wide color gamut, and 2500-10000k adjustable color temperature of LianTronics LED displays have perfectly match the high requirements asked for from the MR studios, which have been well applied in the broadcasting and filming industries such as Interstellar. Moreover, LianTronics color gamut management technology is able to adjust the color gamut of the LED displays to satisfy DCI-P3 digital filming standard and solve the conventional color cast and color difference problems caused by multi-sided combined screens, creating more ideal modern broadcasting studios to achieve more accurate and realistic color presentation.


LianTronics PH0.9mm Mini LED: High-resolution Control Room Visualization Platform

High-resolution control room visualization platform is of great importance to modern essential industries, in which the high-level integration of massive information from different channels can be presented dynamically, responsively, and precisely into one large LED screen for rapid decision making. LianTronics control room visualization platform has used advanced PH0.9mm mini LED to enhance the durability and exquisiteness of the demonstration effect of the whole display platform. In particular, the COVID-19 global pandemic has further highlighted the significance of control room display solutions.  


LianTronics Picture Engine Technology: 22bit+ Effect Smart Healthcare Display Solution

Smart heathcare is becoming a trend especially after the global pandemic. LianTronics smart heathcare solution has incorporated the latest Picture Engine Technology to elevate the detail and color restore capability under low brightness and low grayscale, bringing more exquisite and natural broadcasting of up to 22bit+ grayscale effect, especially when it comes to medical relevant images like X-ray films in healthcare usage.


LianTronics METAGO: All-in-one LED Display Terminal for Productive Business Collaboration

FHD large screen in super-wide viewing angle, friendly minimalist interface for extremely simplified operation, multi-terminal wireless mirroring with content preview, cluster management availability and more importantly, interactive writing and remote video conference anytime and anywhere have all infused into LianTronics all-in-one LED display terminal METAGO, which allows to greatly improve the collaboration efficiency for business. On site, operation demonstration of METAGO is also arranged to make its viewers better understood.


The show is still on until 30th September. Welcome to drop by Booth #ED4-01 to experience the infinite possibilities of LED visualization applications from LianTronics!

*If you cannot go on site, here's the link for VR visit: https://www.expoon.com/e/3rylc05atdx/panorama

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