LianTroncis Giant U-shaped LED Wall Surrounds the Exhibition Hall of the World’s 3rd Largest Heavy Equipment Manufacturer

2020-11-04 3184

A gigantic LianTroncis fine-pitch LED wall in U shape has recently decorated the new exhibition hall of SANY Group, No.1 concrete machinery manufacturer and the 3rd largest heavy equipment manufacturer in the world.

As the core digital brand exhibition area in the company’s industrial park in Changsha, the new hall is designed into a round shape to perfectly echo the SANY logo on the ceiling. 132sqm LianTroncis LED screen embedding behind, the U-shaped LED wall is like huge embracing arms to welcome the on-the-spot visitors and a vivid window to tell the development stories of this heavy equipment giant.

The scroll-painting-like LED wall in size of 46.08m*2.88m applies LianTronics PH2mm fine-pitch LED displays and achieves 23040*1440 super-high resolution. The adopted patented LianTronics smart EFI processing craftsmanship can greatly elevate the overall contrast ratio of the screen to the next level, presenting vivid broadcasting for corporate branding. Furthermore, LianTronics Six-Dimensional Minitrim Technology allows modules and cabinets to be adjusted at a sub-millimeter level to splice the wall as smooth as mirrors without seams. The extraordinary visual effect with unique shape integrates the huge LED wall into the hall as one, bringing particularly immersive comfort to every audience.

In addition, LianTronics also implemented several conference display solutions for this listed company, covering scenarios of medium-to-large conference rooms. The ultra-high contrast ratio, intelligent brightness adjustment, 160° wide viewing angle and more outstanding features combine to present high-clarify smooth presentation for daily working. Moreover, the provided solutions are compatible with functions like video conference to greatly enhance the coordination efficiency of the Group. 

Digital showrooms have become a vital part to deliver the corporate image to the public nowadays. LianTronics has conducted numerous creative showrooms for industrial giants around the world including Huawei, Alibaba, Tencent, Abbott, TOTO, etc. Following the rapid steps of brand image digitization, LianTronics is committing to improving the R&D capability and offering more and more advanced solutions to satisfy customers globally.

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