Landing on “The Bund”! LianTronics Accomplished Shanghai’s Largest Outdoor Small-pitch LED Wall

2020-11-10 28404

Located in Lujiazui, the Wall Street in Far East, Museum of Art Pudong (MAP) as the landmark building of modern art has unveiled its new look right before China's National Day. Along with the poetic architecture, a "digital dynamic opera face" leaps to the public eyes. This marvelous project named "The Oriental Louvre" is created by LianTronics, and so far it is Shanghai's largest outdoor small-pitch LED wall.

If looking across Huangpu River from the Bund, people can catch the symbolic sight of the iconic skyline of Lujiazui as an epitome of modern Shanghai. However, there was a site left reserved deliberately for nearly 3 years only for the coming of MAP. Following the construction footstep, LianTronics LED wall settles into the Museum and becomes a new shining name card of Shanghai.

“Grand Verre” Screen Shapes the New Landmark of Shanghai
Museum of Art Pudong (MAP), situated in the so-called “poetic location”, is a crucial cultural project for the Shanghai government, which is built as Shanghai’s new cultural landmark and important platform for international communication in culture and art.

Designed by Jean Nouvel, the famous Pritzker-Prize-winner French architect who was inspired by Marcel Duchamp’s artwork “Grand Verre”, the facade of the Museum facing Huangpu River is composed of two pieces of “giant glass” curtain walls in the depth of 5 meters, the width of 55 meters and the heights of 12 meters and 6 meters respectively.

The Rendering Pictures of Museum of Art Pudong (MAP)

"The building will also look comfortable but unique at night with its neighboring landmarks," said Jean Nouvel in a public forum organized by Shanghai Urban Planning and Design Research Institute.

LianTronics-made giant small-pitch screen just stands behind the “large glass”, with a total area of 800sqm. Far beyond 10K standard resolution, the huge LED wall carries nearly 86 million pixels to open a window to present the remarkable masterpieces of world art.

“The glasses facing the Huangpu River will reflect the buildings from the other side of the Bund when there is no artwork behind it or there is no light on,” commented Chen Chen, the architect from Ateliers Jean Nouvel through an interview by The Paper. “Behind the glass stands a giant screen which is composed of individual modules. Therefore, the artist can choose to make a complete work of art, or leave some of them not lighting up and some lighting up. You can even pull the curtain to make it into a completely black background, all of which give the artists a variety of creation possibilities.”

The Rendering Pictures of Museum of Art Pudong (MAP)

Innovative Refinement Accomplishes the Largest of Shanghai 
The giant video wall of MAP is customized by LianTronics PH3mm LED displays. It features IP6X high protection grade, excellent heat dissipation, and ultra-low energy consumption and more to stand out as the largest outdoor small-pitch LED wall in Shanghai.

As the large screen being installed inside the “Grand Verre” building, heat dissipation becomes a great challenge for the LED wall. “We have customized a special solution to cool down the screen,” said Xiangyang Yan, the Project Engineer from LianTronics. “The whole LED wall is designed with excellent thermal convection. And with low power consumption, the screen can run well behind the glass.”

“In addition, to achieve IP6X protection we innovatively transform our electronic fuel injection machine to glue the displays,” said Yan. “There is only 0.1mm gap left for glue filling, which has greatly challenged us to test hundreds of times to adjust our craftsmanship.”

Along with the hundreds-of-time craftsmanship tests is the hundreds-of-time on-site display effect tests. “In order to present excellent visual delivery through the double glasses, we have carried out plenty of calculations based on the ambient light at different times of a day. We adjust the display parameters including contrast, brightness and so on to fit in human eyes with great viewing comfort,” said Yan.

Creative LED Cube Echos the Symbol of the Museum 

Besides the giant “Grand Verre” LED screen, there is another creative LED cube made by LianTronics in the shape of the Museum’s logo.

More than 100 special-shaped displays are perfectly embedded into the top of the building to form the pattern of “MAP” and QR-code-like part to simulate Chinese character of "福" whose meaning is “luck” in English.

The LED cube display solution has undergone 12 revisions. “We schemed the cabinet structure for multiple times and finally halved the number of cabinet sizes to 19 shapes that the ultra-thin displays can be utilized at a maximum level,” said Qing Liu, the Product Design Engineer from LianTronics. “You need to consider the water resistance, internal wiring, installation convenience and maintenance friendliness especially when we have got only 60mm for rear accessibility and some of the displays are diagonally mounted. The displays are installed through the preserved holes on the building facades. All the displays need to be precisely designed and installed in order to perform well.”

Moreover, in order to better linkage the irregular displays as a whole, the LianTronics project team particularly adopts an all over IP distributed display system to challenge the new height of display and control.

“Warrior” Team Forges China's Largest Outdoor PH3mm Screen
Another great challenge for LianTronics team is the installation. After sunlight transmission through dual glasses, LianTronics construction team has to bear the high temperature of over 40℃ inside a confined chamber. At the same time, the LED wall is just 10cm away from the front glass, which has caused great difficulties to assemble and maintain the displays.

“The construction site is so complicated as it’s a simultaneous-operation site,” said Ming Zhu from LianTronics construction team. “The 10cm distance between the video wall surface and the glass has prevented us from touching the screen surface and limited the operation space for us.”

“The reflective glass also troubles us when comes to screen calibration and maintenance,” said Zhu. “But our construction team has overcome all the difficulties like warriors and perfectly finished the project from installation to debugging in a month.”

The debut of the LianTronics outdoor small-pitch LED wall on Museum of Art Pudong is of great significance. It is not only a new landmark for Shanghai to exhibit the worldwide culture and arts, but also an important window for LianTronics to tell the world about its technological capability to deliver stunning outdoor visualization solutions.

For more information, please feel free to contact us.

For more information, please feel free to contact us.