Shining in the Fashion Festival! LianTronics 700sqm Creative Screens Inject Technology Vitality into Peacebird Headquarters

2020-12-09 2901

The 24th Ningbo International Fashion Festival kicked off recently at the new headquarters of Peacebird Group. With the debut of the headquarters of this Chinese fashion giant, LianTronics 700sqm creative screens also made a public appearance under the spotlight to present the new face with fashion, modern and technological glamour of the listed company.

The Newly Opened Headquarters of Peacebird Group

Selected as the venue for the opening ceremony of this year’s Ningbo Fashion Festival, the newly-built Peacebird headquarters locates in Ningbo High-Tech District with an area of 75,000sqm. Designed by Daniel Statham, the famous British architect, the new office integrates the thermal current concept into a spiral-shaped space structure, indicating to help the “bird” fly higher. Inside the fashion and modern buildings, more than a dozen sets of LianTronics screens spread from the office area to the leisure zone, including the building facade, reception hall, fashion show stage, auditorium, coffee shop and gym.

On the facade of the office building a nearly 250sqm giant LianTronics LED screen embeds inside to give a warm welcome to visitors. The ultra-light and thin screen perfectly wraps the mansion to open a dynamic window for Peacebird’s brand presentation. Inside the fashion center a rhombus-shaped LED wall greets the visitors warmly at the reception hall, which is specially assembled to respond to the space structure design in spirals upwards. These LED walls have created a perfect first impression for the brand, delivering a sense of modernity to bring the guests into Peacebird’s new fashion world.

Giant Outdoor LED Wall on the Facade of the Office Building

Rhombus-shaped LED Screen at the Reception Hall

As the very core space of the headquarters, the Peacebird’s fashion show stage has been shaped into an extremely fantasy and distinctive high-end hall to hold different international fashion shows. In a total area of 105sqm, LianTronics PH2.5mm curved LED backdrop embraces the stage harmoniously with stunningly exquisite display effect. The stage background providing a super-wide viewing angle, the audience can clearly capture every detail of the show no matter where they are. Combined with the dynamic magnificent lighting, the show stage has produced ultimate visual comfort and enjoyment long with Parisian fashion sense to all viewers.

Huge Curved LED Backdrop at the Fashion Show Stage

Next to the show stage hall is the company’s auditorium, in the middle of which applies LianTronics ultra-high-resolution glass-free 3D display solution. With a curved ultramodern top-down shape, the LED display platform presents a unique 3D fashion channel exclusive for Peacebird.

Glasses-free 3D Video Wall in the Corporate Auditorium


In addition, LianTronics fine-pitch screens also modernize the gym and coffee bar in a mixture of Peacebird brand elements and interior decoration, creating an all-around multi-dimensional office environment to enhance the sense of belongs of employees.

Curved LED Wall in the Gym


LED Ceiling in the Coffee Shop

The LED visualization artworks conducted by LianTronics have injected technology vitality into Peacebird’s new fashion headquarters. This is one of the massive digital visual delivery cases for LianTronics made for giant brands in the industry including Tencent, Huawei, TOTO, Abbott, etc. At the same time, LianTronics is dedicated to offering more advanced visualization solutions for more clients worldwide as a trustworthy display solution provider.

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