LianTronics Major Case Highlights in 2020

2021-01-20 4876

2020 is an exceptional year not only for the display industry but also for all of us. The COVID-19 pandemic has swept the globe and left its mark on everyone, and yet with the trust and support of our dear business partners, we still made miracles as we have implemented multiple extraordinary artworks in the past year. Overwhelmed with great gratitude we are reviewing the major cases in 2020 below, and in 2021 we will keep moving forward with positive expectations and surefooted steps.

1. Giant Glasses-less 3D LED Wall in Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li Chengdu

LianTronics gigantic glasses-less 3D L-shaped LED wall has attracted  millions of eyeballs on the street of Chengdu and blown up on home-and-aboard social media including Top 5 trending topics in Sina Weibo - China’s Twitter. This 3D display effect without glasses is so realistically shown on LianTronics video wall that it has grabbed a massive spotlight whenever it updates its broadcasting content.

2. “Grand Verre” Screen in Museum of Art Pudong, Shanghai

Located in Lujiazui, the Wall Street in Far East, Museum of Art Pudong is the new landmark building of modern art of Shanghai. Designed by Jean Nouvel, the famous Pritzker Prize winner who was inspired by Marcel Duchamp’s artwork “Grand Verre”, the facade of the Museum facing Huangpu River is composed of two pieces of “giant glass” curtain walls, behind which settles LianTronics 800sqm LED screen. Along with the poetic architecture, a "digital dynamic opera face" made by LianTronics leaps to the public eyes, and so far it is Shanghai's largest outdoor small-pitch LED wall.

More than 100 special-shaped LianTronics displays are perfectly embedded into the top of the building to form the logo of the Museum with QR-code-like patterns. This is another creative LED artwork from LianTronics for the Museum of Art Pudong. There is 60mm only for rear accessibility so all the displays need to be precisely designed and installed in order to perform well.


3. LED Walls & Perimeter Displays in Stadium in Miami, USA

The Stadium was opened to welcome players home in 2020. 2 sets of 330sqm huge LianTronics LED walls face opposite and 220sqm perimeter displays embrace around the pitch, getting ready to witness the thrilling moments of fantastic games.


4. Leopardstown Racecourse, Ireland

The time-honored Leopardstown Racecourse, one of the best racecourses in Ireland, has set to redevelop since 2013 to enhance the racing watching experience for the audience. LianTronics outdoor LED wall has joined the redevelopment to stand in front of the parade ring, modernizing the facility with 160-degree super-wide views and ultra-low-latency broadcasting of real-time breathtaking horse racing moments.


5. Jiangxi Cloud Computing Big Data Center

Settled in Jiangxi's first cloud computing big data center, LianTronics huge fine-pitch LED wall made its debut on the state-run China Central Television (CCTV) in April 2020. This 117sqm high-resolution curved LED visualization platform has dynamically presented the integrated information from different channels and is in crisp colors even under sunshine to impress the audience.


6. Shanghai Qingpu Public Security Bureau

The 100sqm LianTronics curved fine-pitch LED wall with a 3-degree angle between single cabinets opens a high-clarity exhibition and monitoring window for Shanghai Qingpu Public Security Bureau in 2020. The unparalleled high clarity and exquisite broadcasting amaze the viewers for sure even in a close look.


7. Xiangcheng Integrated Command Center, Suzhou

Xiangcheng District Integrated Command Center is one of the important initiatives for Suzhou to build up a digitalization government. LianTronics 150sqm fine-pitch visualization platform supplements the surveillance window and plays an essential role in its command and dispatch. Besides the giant visualization screen, LianTronics also conducted another 5 sets of intelligent meeting room solutions for the Center, of which LianTronics all-in-one display terminals -- METAGO has fitted and worked well.


8. China-India Meet-and-Greet, Chennai

A unique-shaped LED wall from Esdlumen, the sibling-brand of LianTronics, has passed on the warmest greetings in the China-India Meet-and-Greet gathering held in the Embassy of China in Chennai, which was specially organized to welcome the visit of China’s President Xi Jinping. This 100sqm video wall was combined of 3 sides of LED screens, in the middle of which was in the curved assembly to form a hug pose for cheering the friendly communication between these two neighboring countries.


9. Dancing Stars 2020, Austria

LianTronics LED displays have been applied on the stage of Dancing Stars 2020, an Austrian TV program, adding atmosphere as a crucial complement for the show. Accompanied for countless days and nights, LianTronics stage backdrop has witnessed every beautiful dancing from these dancers and thrilling moment of this competition.

10. The Wall - Disney+ Hotstar, India

The Wall is a game show from Disney+ Hotstar, a subscription video-on-demand streaming service in India. 250sqm Esdlumen rental LED displays have assembled into a splendid stage for the show. Their ultra-high refresh rate and excellent grayscale display bring magnificent visual effect for camera-friendly shooting.

11. Church in Arizona, USA

Two Esdlumen NPP LED screens have upgraded the display equipment of an Arizona church in the USA. These video walls have adopted Red-Dot-awarding VE Series fine-pitch LED displays, with super-sharp and ultra-smooth demonstration in broadcasting level to enhance the worship experience of all congregation.


12. Yidu Convergence Media Center, Hubei

3 sets of LianTronics fine-pitch LED walls have been put into operation in the broadcasting studios of YiDu Convergence Media Center in 2020. 110% NTSC color gamut, 2500-10000K adjustable color temperature, nanosecond responsive processing and more contribute to ultra-camera-friendly broadcasting without buffer. What’s more, the latest LianTronics Picture Engine Technology is able to elevate grayscale demonstration capability especially under low brightness, bringing more exquisite and true-to-life digital delivery.  


13. Bishan TV Station, Chongqing

7 sets of LianTronics fine-pitch LED walls with a total area of nearly 200sqm have been settled home in Chongqing Bishan Convergence Media Center, spreading from the reception lobby, conference hall, multifunctional stage to the broadcasting studio. The LED backdrop for the studio is in super-camera-friendly curved design and is specially built to be slidable from the middle to achieve higher flexibility.


14. TDM Ou Mun, Macau

LianTronics 3-sided small-pitch LED wall was specially built for the studio of Macau Forum, a TV program from TDM Ou Mun, the first broadcasting channel in Macau. This three-face design opens up the stage background to be shot and LianTronics ultra high-refresh-rate & high-contrast-ratio video walls add visual atmosphere to the TV show.


15. 8K Fine-pitch LED Ceiling in SAGA International Shopping Mall, Xi'an

LianTronics 8K LED ceiling has settled home into the SAGA International Shopping Mall in Xi’an. Depicting the stunning natural scenery, the 260sqm fine-pitch LED ceiling creates a breathtaking indoor “sky” for the shopping plaza.

16. LED Backdrop in Retail Store, USA

The ceiling-to-floor Esdlumen LED wall has decorated a retail store in the USA, which stands behind the product exhibition area to broadcast dynamic content with fantastic color depth and fresh colors. The ultra-thin and light panels perfectly embedded onto the wall, and with HCC high energy-efficiency technology, the video wall not only elevates the shopping experience for customers but also saves costs for the shop owner.


17. The Bund Fosun Center, Wuhan

2 gorgeous LianTronics fine-pitch LED walls in the application of holography technology stand opposite to build up a stereo interactive channel through the lobby to the sand table exhibition hall of The Bund Fosun Center in Wuhan. The exhibition hall has adopted the multiple reflection design and has combined dynamic LianTronics LED background to deliver 3D sand table presentation, bringing the realistic experience with somatosensory pleasure for guests on the spot.


18. Hongqi Innovation Brand Pavilion in Changchun

Hongqi, the iconic car brand under China's leading automaker FAW Group, opened its new brand pavilion officially in Changchun International Auto City. LianTronics has contributed more than 120sqm LED displays, including the giant movable LED doors, FAW digital cloud visualization platform and innovative brand showroom backdrop. Their astonishing display effect has presented a whole new brand attraction of Hongqi to people.


19. SANY Group Exhibition Hall in Changsha

LianTronics 132sqm giant U-shaped LED wall surrounds the exhibition hall of SANY Group, the world’s 3rd largest heavy equipment manufacturer, opening a vivid window to tell the development stories of this heavy equipment giant. In addition, LianTronics also implemented three other meeting display solutions for this listed company, covering conference rooms of medium to large sizes.

20. Peacebird Group Headquarters, Ningbo

The 24th Ningbo International Fashion Festival kicked off in Oct 2020 in the new headquarters of Peacebird Group, the Chinese fashion giant. With the debut of the new headquarters, LianTronics 700sqm creative screens also made a public appearance under the spotlight to present the new face with fashion, modern and technological glamour of the listed fashion company. More than a dozen sets of LianTronics screens spread from the office area to the leisure zone, including the building facade, reception hall, fashion show stage, 3D auditorium, coffee shop and gym.

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