What is COB LED Technology?

2022-05-07 5100

COB stands for "Chip On Board", it is a method of assembly that involves directly mounting an array of diodes on a single substrate or printed circuit board. This design requires only one circuit and two contacts, regardless of the number of diodes used. COB LED are categorized as front-mounted chip, flip chip, and semi-flip chip. 

By breaking through limitation of chips array to achieve pixel pitch below PH0.Xmm, COB technology has been one of the most cutting-edge LED technologies in the LED industry. And it is accelerating the breakthrough process to reach the future of LED displays -- Micro LED.  

SMD vs. COB: Which Is Better?

SMD package, which stand for Surface-Mounted Device, is a collection of discrete devices that are attached to a PCB board to form the LED light source. The COB package is an integrated package that achieves high-intensity homogeneous light emission, a larger viewing angle, and less light refraction loss. Compared with SMD LED, COB is relatively compact, efficient, bright, and stable.

Which Are the Advantages of COB?

1. Low thermal resistance generates less heat in high current. That's what prompts lower displays temperature, lower LED failure rates and overall reliability.

2. Divergent light beams directly from flip-chip-on-board LEDs provide high-intensity luminance and a larger light-emitting area. It delivers high brightness and a wide viewing angle.

3. Ultra fine chips size brings 99% black occupancy on the PCB board, covering the LED panel with impressive contrast and uniformity.

4. The anti-collision resined surface of COB LEDs provides excellent protection against moisture, dust, static, oxidation, and blue light.

5. More efficient and simpler assembly of COB packaging lessens labor and manufacturing costs.


Liantronics FCOB LED Technology

Last year, Liantronics has officially announced the scale production of its self-developed flip-chip-on-board (FCOB) LED display which has evolved into full-fledged production lines. With superior quality, its FCOB LED display has gained market recognition and permanent foothold in marketplace. But how does FCOB stand out from the others?

1. Optimal circuit board layout bring excellent heat dissipation, lower surface temperature, and more stable operation.

2. High-efficiency light-emitting chips reduce power consumption by 40% under the same brightness. Dynamic energy efficiency and smart standby mode further improve energy efficiency.

3. Ultra-finer pixel pitch below 1.0mm creates crystal-clear immaculate images with intricate details. Thinner resined surface helps effectively avoid moire effect and dark and bright dot defects, delivering breathtaking and appealing visuals.

Case Study

Public Security Bureau of Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone , Jinan City

Last year, Jinan Public Security Bureau of Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone updated its control room and information center with Liantronics new-generation full filp COB fine-pitch LED displays -- VT series. It features unprecedented broad view with immaculate and intricate image quality, ensuring accurate and timely information monitoring for decision-maker. Furthermore, the ultra-high resolution and over 10000:1 high contrast ratio grants precise colors, infusing the entire Bureau with a Sci-Fi and futuristic vibe.

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