LianTronics Exhibited Its Latest Pandemic-driven Display Solutions in LED China

2020-09-02 2556

After half-year postponement, Shenzhen LED CHINA 2020 finally says hi to its audience on the first day of September. As COVID-19 is affecting people’s life in all ways, in this LED China LianTronics has showcased its latest pandemic related display solutions in the application of control room, smart healthcare and business collaboration to impress its audience.

PH0.9mm Mini LED Control Room Visualization Platform

Pandemic prevention and control is becoming a priority issue among a lot of countries since its outbreak. Control room visualization solution is an effective measure for control and dispatch as it opens an integrated window to collect various channels of relevant information into one display system and present comprehensive message including data, graphics, images and videos responsively for rapid decision making. The exhibited LianTronics control room visualization platform is in high resolution of 7680*2160 and in ultra-fine pitch of 0.9mm to fully demonstrate all details on a large seamless LED wall. Its nanosecond responding capability satisfies the requirement of multi-dimensional resource integration and dispatch. By particularly adopting LianTronics Mini LED technology, the display platform improves its display effect and anti-collision capability into the next level.  

LianTronics also exhibited its 0.7mm fine-pitch Mini LED display, which is under volume production now.

Smart Healthcare Application Display Solution

Healthcare industry is getting more and more attention due to the breakout of COVID-19. In Booth #1-G01, LianTronics has built up an immersive healthcare scene to display its new attempt of medical use. The exhibited healthcare visualization wall is assembled by LianTronics newly launched VAII series fine-pitch LED display, which is upgraded into thinner & lighter structure with geometrical aesthetic exterior to allow IP60 high protection with lower failures and long-time stable performance with more excellent heat dissipation. The smart healthcare display solution adopts LianTronics latest Picture Engine Technology to elevate the detail and color restore capability in low brightness and low grayscale, bringing more exquisite and natural broadcasting especially when it comes to medical relevant images like X-ray films, telemedicine, etc.

All-in-one LED Display Terminal for Remote Business Collaboration

As quarantine policy locks people at home in many countries, remote working becomes a hot topic especially for remote conference meeting. To generate a high-efficient meeting with ultimate viewing comfort, LianTronics upgrades to a latest version of integrated LED display terminal METAGO and brings its debut to this show. FHD large screen in super-wide viewing angle, friendly minimalist interface for extreme simplified operation, multi-terminal wireless mirroring with content preview, and more importantly, interactive writing and remote video conference anytime and anywhere are all supported into one display terminal METAGO. Operation demonstration of METAGO is also arranged on site to make its viewers better understood.

LianTronics page booth and live streaming is also available for online visitors through For more information, please feel free to drop by LianTronics Booth #1-G01 in Shenzhen LED CHINA 2020.

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