Meet Brand-New LianTronics at ISE 2020


ISE 2020 welcomed its first batch of visitors on Feb 11th, 2020 as scheduled. In this biggest and most important convention for AV and systems integration, LianTronics has brought a new image with the debut of its brand-new fine-pitch, rental and commercial LED display solutions to present a gorgeous visual feast that stunned customers from all over the world.

PH0.9mm Fine-Pitch Mini LED Display Solution for Command & Control
LianTronics has exhibited the industrial top-level fine-pitch Mini LED display solution in this ISE. A PH0.9mm fine-pitch Mini LED display with resolution of 7680*2160 stands in front of a dedicated control room console, which are combined to provide an interactive experience. By adopting 4-in-1 packaging, LianTronics Mini LED display owns 8 times stronger anti-collision capability than conventional ones. With dedicated driver IC, it supports ultra-high gray level, high fresh rate, 3840Hz high refresh rate and even HDR function to render exquisite images and responsive information for decision making. In addition, LianTronics specially-designed N+X redundancy design can sharply decrease the cost of power backup to ensure no sudden blackout of the screen, providing a stable and reliable information display platform for command and control rooms.

Upgraded Generation of LianTronics Classical Fine-Pitch VA Series
LianTronics VAII series debuts on LianTronics Booth#12-E30 as well. This upgraded version adopts integrated plus-ins to double the reliability of connection. The optimized cabinet design helps to reach IP60 high protection and moreover push the thickness of the finished screen less than 100mm. It assembles real-time LCD monitor in the rear to show panel working status such as temperature, voltage, and power consumption for intelligent management. The interlocking structure applied not only guarantees higher installation precision, but also takes only 1s to lock and go, which brings about 4X increase in efficiency. Inheriting the superior performance of the first generation, LianTronics VAII series can demonstrate ultra exquisite and vivid pictures with NTSC broadcasting level.

Brand-New Ultra-Light Curved Rental Display RM Series
The hanging curved waterfall-shaped screen on site is assembled by LianTronics latest rental display RM series. It achieves extremely light weight of 25kg/㎡ for single-man operation and allows various splicing shapes such as straight, curved, concave, L-shape and dislocation. Its innovative lock design enables to achieve faster and safer installation for different scenarios. Dedicated protective corners greatly improve the anti-collision capability of the cabinets to prevent LED lamp collision during transportation and to lower down the maintenance costs. The front & rear accessible maintenance is friendly for users and applicable for live events. Inspired by spider, LianTronics RM series features spider-sense agility and spider-web endurance to establish a super cool stage as you want.

Ultra-Thin & Lightweight FA Series LED Display for DOOH
LianTronics ultra-slim outdoor LED display FA series also makes its first appearance on this show. It features up to 10000nits high brightness, 14bit grayscale and 160° super wide viewing angle to allow your advertisements to be seen clearly and sharply even under strong sunlight. The light cabinet design of 28KG/㎡, which reduces the weight by 40% compared with conventional displays, helps greatly relieve the load pressure on the power supply system and reduce the electricity expenses on running a large LED screen. Its special control box design with unique cooling slots contributes to excellent heat dissipation. With glue filling craftsmanship and innovative aluminum-made mask to reach IP68 protection, FA series can shine brilliantly with strong resistance against fickle weather.

Integrated LED Display Terminal METAGO for Smarter and Real-time Presentation
Born as an intelligent presentation solution, LianTronics METAGO can realize real-time multi-party conferencing and wireless mirroring from different terminals. Its simplified operation allows plug-and-go meeting whenever you want and join anyone from anywhere to communicate face-to-face without buffering. The interactive writing-enabled function helps to create creativity sharing environment especially for brainstorming. With a large LED screen and 160° wide viewing angle, LianTronics METAGO can present details in high contrast ratio and cover every attendee without glistening effect. The smart brightness adjustment system can change the light intensity according to the ambient and cause no visual fatigue even after a long time of use. Given different dimensions, it can fit in multiple occasions such as large conference rooms, lecture halls, multi-function rooms, multi-media rooms and studios.

Except for above mentioned LED display solutions, LianTronics also exhibits its FM series for creative commercial LED display and ultra-thin & lightweight fine-pitch LED display VF series. This stunning visual feast will last until 14th Feb, 2020. Welcome to LianTronics Booth#12-E30 to explore more industry-leading display solutions.

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