Taking Action! KONKA & LianTronics Steps Closer to Mini/Micro LED’s Mass Production

2020-03-19 2511

Following the announcement that KONKA & LianTronics have achieved strategic cooperation to build a joint venture for Mini/Micro LED solution commercialization in December last year, a new action has been taken recently. In order to establish independent volume production capability of GaN-based (gallium nitride) and AsP-based (arsenide-phosphide) Mini/Micro LEDs, KONKA in recent days has ordered multiple AIX G5+C and AIX 2800G4-TM MOCVD systems from Aixtron SE, the German-based European technology company specializing in manufacturing metalorganic chemical vapour deposition equipment. This strategic move laid a solid foundation for KONKA & LianTronics to jointly advance the commercialization of Mini/Micro LEDs.

The market-leading fully automated MOCVD tools KONKA ordered from Aixtron SE can perfectly meet the tightened wavelength uniformity requirements for Micro LED manufacturing. The advanced Planetary technology stands out due to excellent wavelength uniformity, high yield and efficient high-volume manufacturing at the lowest cost per wafer. Moreover, AIX G5+C is an important device for Micro LED epitaxy, which was also purchased by the British manufacturer Plessey and Taiwan Micro LED star company PlayNitride, proving once again its significant role on the R&D of Micro LEDs.

In the earlier days, the Micro LED display and Micro LED luminous chips developed by KONKA have been successfully lighted up in its laboratory. The blue and green Micro LED luminous chips are made of GaN, which marks an important breakthrough for KONKA to apply GaN into Micro LED technology. Aixtron SE claimed that they are pleased that KONKA acknowledges their performance contribution for Micro LED production and will continue to support KONKA for the development of new technologies and applications based on GaN materials.

Since Mini/Micro LEDs consist of micron-sized LED arrays that form individual sub-pixel elements, they offer much lower power consumption while exhibiting superior pixel density, contrast ratio and brightness at the same time especially compared with conventional LED, LCD and OLED technologies. Because of their outstanding performance, industry giants such as Apple, Samsung, LG, Song and BOE were attracted to initiate Mini/Micro LED business. Hence, KONKA and LianTronics have worked together as strategic partners on Mini/Micro LED commercialization. The introduction of advanced equipment this time has provided a crucial guarantee for their own Mini/Micro LED mass production. In the further, LianTronics and KONKA will make further efforts on Mini/Micro LED’s development and application to move forward the intelligent display industry.

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