Special led display solution for Hong Kong pavilion of the World Expo 2010


Hong Kong’s eye-catching stand-alone pavilion is designed for highlighting the theme of "Hong Kong – Potential Unlimited". The Pavilion will showcase Hong Kong's creativity, as well as our connectivity with the Mainland and the rest of the world, the connectivity of ideas and information, and the connectivity of nature with the built environment. To enhance this theme, they chose Liantronics’s high-definition and high-brightness led displays, including 15 pcs PH16mm outdoor full color displays and 14 pcs PH6mm indoor full color displays.

The entrance features all the outdoor screens, equally divided into three parts, each showing a combination of pictures such as night view of Hong Kong, bauhinia, subway, etc. In the garden of the pavilion, all the indoor full color screens are arranged in picturesque disorder, displaying the picture of the skyscrapers, the sea, modern architecture, Chinese traditional opera, modern dance, bustling and noisy city, beautiful rural scenery, etc.