176 Sets of LianTronics LED Displays Enlighten Shenzhen Metro Route 11


The Shenzhen Metro Route 11 begin service in June 2016, as the longest and the fastest express subway system in China.

LianTronics has successfully provided 176 sets of high-end indoor and outdoor LED screens for Route 11. LianTronnics LED screens are installed at various locations of the stations, including metro gates, escalators, entrance and exits. High-definition indoor LED displays were used for advertising at the highly populated stops of Shenzhen Airport, Chegongmiao, Qianhaiwan and Houhai.

Summary of LianTronics LED displays for Shenzhen Metro Route 11:

Description Pixel pitch Size/each Quantity
Indoor dual color P3.75 0.277㎡ 66 sets
Indoor dual color P3.75 0.37㎡ 66 sets
Indoor full color P4 8.129㎡ 4 sets
Outdoor full color P6 2.074㎡ 40 sets

176 sets

As a leading supplier of LED display for transportation network, LianTronics had provided a series of LED screens for high-speed railway station all over China, including Beijing-Shanghai Railway, Line Nanjing-Hangzhou Railway, Hangzhou-Ningbo Railway, Haerbin-Dalian Railway, Xiamen-Shenzhen Railway, Hefei-Fuzhou Railway, Beijing West Railway Station. In additions, LianTronics LED screens run throughout the Metro stations in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Hangzhou and others metropolis in China. LianTronics creates stunning effects for China railway and metro networks.

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