LianTronics Celebrated Shipment of First Batch of 100,000 pcs of LED Modules

2021-11-03 2118

On November 2th, 2021, LianTronics held Shipment Ceremony of First Batch of 100,000 pcs of LED Modules of Channel Development Department in its 8000sqm manufacturing base, indicating a significant milestone of LianTronics distribution network development.

In this ceremony, more than a dozen of provincial distributors across the country participated in the event to witness and share the joyful moment together with LianTronics.

In 2020, LianTronics has launched the "Sunward Plan" officially to kick off the distribution network development plan worldwide. To assist the distribution partners with their business expansion in an all-round way, LianTronics has made a lot of efforts including business policy customization, production capacity expansion, product upgrde, etc., among which LED module production line has been specially set up with mass production scale to enrich the product portfolio.

Before the ceremony, LianTronics has given a warm welcome to the arrival of the partners and showcased a full picture of LianTronics & Esdlumen headquarters and manufacturing base.


LianTronics Huizhou Manufacturing Base, established in 2009, owns the most advanced automatic production lines in China to reach 2 billion CNY (300 million USD) of annual production value, ranking the frontline in the world. This physcial visit has presented LianTronics manufacture strength and further impressed LianTronics partners and dirven them to walk hand in hand with LianTronics more firmly.

"We are honored to be invited to participate in this event. Through the visit we have taken a much closer look at LianTronics, which makes us feel confident about our furture cooperation," one of the distributors said.

In addition to LED modules, LianTronics in this ceremony also showcased its latest generation of METAGO -- the all-in-one LED display terminal . 

"The shipment ceremony symbolizes a great achievement we obtianed in the current stage,” said Peng Jiguang, Head of Channel Development Department, at the ceremony. “We believe that with the multual effort between LianTronics and our partners, we will achieve a brillant future together.”

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