A newly-developed led mesh display of Liantronics hit the global market in April


In April 2010, an independent R&D and newly-developed product hit the global market. It is a kind of led mesh display with pixel pitch 31.25 mm and modular design. Meantime, Liantronics awarded a patent for this product. The patent number is 201020127222.7. Compared with the traditional mesh display, PH31.25 modular mesh display has the following superiorities:

• Unique modular designed---Integrate several led strip lights into an injection molding metal shell, which can reduce the number of the connections of the screen. Therefore, it not only can guarantee product quality, but also can make the product look more simple.

• Use raised and fully-isolated transparent mask, which is originated by Liantronics in the industry. There are several features such as impact resistance, high coefficient of waterproof, without filling glue, light weight, etc.

• Simple hanging design: There are rectangular and circular mounting holes in the four corners of each cabinet, so it is easy and fast to install.

• The products can be attached to every irregular structural parts on the stage and formed into various shapes by free combination